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As President, I regret to inform you that the Directors of the Society prudently voted not to sponsor Rail-A-Rama, our Railroad Hobby Show, for any future seasons.

The reason being a lack of qualified volunteers to support and staff the varied activities associated with presenting a show of this magnitude.

For some think it only involves greeting participants and selling tickets on the show date, that is only a small part of the whole story.

Kudos to the many members who took an active interest in making these past shows a reality.

We extend our gratitude to the varied dealers, displayers, layouts, media and organizations that pulled together to make the previous 42 shows come alive for our members and the community.

If sufficient volunteer interest develops from within the ranks of our membership, we may have the privilege of sponsoring the 43rd edition of Rail-A-Rama at some future date.

The shows from 1979-2010 have been possible because a few members like YOU have stepped forward to volunteer to keep us on track.

If you wish to see this type of activity continue in the future, your attention is requested to review our available volunteer opportunities to see how YOU could lend a helping hand to the various levels of involvement in your SOCIETY.

Request a volunteer form by mail or email,


P. O. Box 365486,

Hyde Park,

MA 02136-0009

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