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2023 Railroad Calendar Contest

44th Edition - Cash Prizes!

Do You love to take photo's of trains? Have you always wanted to see your train photos in print? Now you have the chance...

 Enter your photos in our contest and you could see your images printed in full color and distributed around the world!


Deadline for photo submission is Tuesday December 18th, 2021

Contest to be held on Saturday February 8th 2022

Contest Rules:

1: Participant must be a member in good standing.

2: Each photo must be taken within the six states of New England: CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT.

3: Maximum 10 photos per participant.

4: Photos printed in past MVRS calendars must not be resubmitted.

5: All photos MUST be in landscape (horizontal) orientation.

6: Written consent must be included from that person if any face is recognizable in the photo.

7: Submit photos as 35mm slides or digital images.

8: Not acceptable: copies of 35mm slides, prints on paper, or digital reproductions of either 35mm slides or prints.

9: Digital cameras shall have at least 6 megapixels (3000 x 2000) and should be set to the highest resolution and lowest compression (highest quality).

10: Digital photos should be submitted unaltered (as downloaded from the camera) in JPEG, TIFF, or RAW formats (if supported by the camera) on a recordable compact disc (CD-R, DVD-R) or USB flash drive.

11: Entries must be accompanied by a signed MVRS entry form, see OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM printed below (photocopy acceptable) or downloaded from

12: Supply a caption for each photo. If possible, submit captions electronically (Word, PDF, or any other text file format).

13: Number digital photo files (1-10) so that photos and captions can be matched.

14: Entries must be postmarked by the Saturday December 18, 2021 deadline.

15: A prize of $150 will be awarded for the front or back cover; $100 for each calendar month.

16: The final selection of photos for the Calendar is at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. The decisions of the Board shall be final and non-appealable. The Board will be under no obligation to provide any reasons for its decisions.

17: Winning entries become the property of the MVRS, Inc.

18: Non-winning entries will only be returned if a self-addressed stamped envelope or packing materials with correct postage were supplied at the time of submission.

19: The MVRS is not responsible for any loss of or damage to items sent through the mail.

Click HERE for entry form.

 Please complete, attach your photos & email back to -

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