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*May 1, 2024*


 Lines from Ireland



   Letter from the Editor

The Waybill is for you the members and our friends to enjoy. If there is something you would like to see in the Waybill then please contact us by email at or by mail.

We are always looking for stories to include, as we have many members who are no longer able to go on any trips and they get great enjoyment out of reading about them.

So if you have ever wanted to be a Newspaper reporter now is your chance…

Group Sales Policy: 10 or more tickets purchased in ADVANCE by the SAME PERSON will be entitled to a 10% DISCOUNT subject to availability.

BLOCK SPACE may be arranged on any non-restricted event with Ticket Coordinator or Tour Director (when assigned) at least 50 days prior to departure. For further information, please contact the Mystic Valley Railway Society, 617-361-4445 or e-mail at


 From the President

by Theresa E. Rylko

Russell Rylko started this club in 1970. When He passed away in 2013, I became President to continue his dream of members volunteering together to promote trips and events for members and friends to meet and have a good time. If you have a desire to volunteer and want to help your society to grow. Come to the Annual Meeting on May 1, 2024 and let your voice be heard


From the Acting Vice President

by Jeff Costello



Welcome! Happy New Year from Mystic Valley Railway Society! My wife and I enjoyed New Year with our grandaughters and their parents at the Cape Codder Resort and spa in Barnstable. The girls tubed down the lazy river and the water slides with lots of laughter and energy. Oh to be somewhat youngergrandparentsthat we are wished for. Our first event of 2024 was the nominating /photo judjing event contest held at Pearl Street Station restaurant. Thanks to all the train enthuiasts who submitted the train pictures for the 2025 calendar. As the winter ends, MVRS will be planning trips for the upcoming year. Members are encoraged to offer ideas for places or events so we can plan those trips. In the meantime,I am enjoying running my trains in the family room-no rain or snow just the trains and the happy engineer and owner.

 Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT: What Is It? Are They the Same Thing?

by Kimberly Calvi, Paralegal to Attorney Bradley C. Pinta of Pinta Law Group, LLC

“Artificial Intelligence” (commonly referred to as “AI”) is a term that describes one area of computer science. Sci-Fi films such as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Pixar’s WALL-E are two examples of its introduction in pop culture. But do you know how it is used in our daily lives? In society, in general?

First, AI is the ability of a computer to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent human beings. More broadly, the term AI encompasses different technological services we use every day, based on a variety of technologies.

Some examples include websites like Amazon which use what are called machine learning algorithms to generate recommendations based on a shopper’s viewing history. Apps that translate from one language to another use deep learning algorithms. And Chat- GPT uses large language models (LLMs) to create text in response to a question or a comment specifically posted. In other words, AI is a broad area of computer science with several different technological applications, with ongoing development in software, hardware, and newer algorithms. Its capabilities and impact in every aspect on society is immeasurable.

However, ChatGPT is a specific tool with limited use within the AI segment of computer science. Rolled out in November of 2022, its framework is based on an enormous set of data and text, specializing in generating content that imitates human language, typically in response to questions. Examples of harmless questions might be: What is the distance between Boston, Massachusetts and Los Angeles, California? What are some good ideas for theme parties?

The caution with ChatGPT, though, is that it is devoid of authenticity and discretion. Incredibly, Chat- GPT is capable of generating content that is false or misleading. This is called an “AI hallucination.” Users would be wise to verify—on another platform—the information that ChatGPT delivers. One attorney used ChatGPT to cite a case that was completely fabricated. The attorney’s license to practice law was revoked. This raises concern about liability issues, complex intellectual property matters, and unregulated privacy and legal compliance, domestically and internationally, to name a few of the challenges from the development of this more recent AI product. In addition to blindly relying on it to dispense factually accurate information, another concern regarding its use is the hinderance of critical thinking.

So, while the many uses of AI are for the benefit of society, as previously mentioned, ChatGPT should be used with caution until laws governing its use are further developed and established. And for many of us, this is yet another technological concept to become accustomed to in our daily lives.


Riding the Rails
By Robert A. LaMay


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Calling all Members!
ALL ABOARD with the Mystic Valley Volunteers – the activities are as varied as
their locations. Auto transportation is essential for some events, but many are located
on the MBTA routes and may gather at special locations or at members’ homes. Is
distance an impediment? NO WAY, for we have dedicated members in many states
and foreign countries who complete their activity by letter or E-Mail. Remember: volunteering
allows you to share your talents and interests with those who would benefit
TO JOIN THE FUN Please request a volunteer form by submitting your request
& membership number to: M.V.R.S.   P. O. Box 365486, Hyde Park, MA 02136-0009
or visit our Website
WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Your request is presented at our regular meeting so
that you will be contacted by the appropriate chairperson. From there it is up to you
how involved you wish to be, for the level of activity and variety of trips offered by the
Society are solely determined by the level of participation supplied by our volunteer





President – Theresa E. Rylko (Tracey)
Vice President Elect
Treasurer – Judy Berson-Hoyt
Recording Secretary – Nancy Roney

Directors: Jeff Costello (Acting Vice President till Annual Meeting), Lillian Garvey, Nancy Juskin,
Eleanor Manning (Ellie), William Manning (Billy), Marcia Pennington

You will see many of these volunteers as tour leaders on your trips.

It takes a team effort to have a successful volunteer organization. Please share your talents as a volunteer with MVRS and be

rewarded by seeing your work in action.  Call 617-361-4445 and a volunteer form will be sent to you.



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